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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

ALL - Update on Coursework Ideas - 'Oblivious'

An Updated version:
- establishing shot of the household (time allowing may reference 'Halloween' of someone 'walking' towards the house as the opening credits roll on'.
- a boy and a girl are alone in a modern household.
- there are strong implications that the two are sexually active and have consumed reasonable amounts of alcohol (this is obviously a sin!)
- the boy then abruptly departs, leaving the girl alone in quite a dark house.
- the girl turns everything off, lights, music etc. and decides to go to bed after locking the door.
- the music turns it self back on (seemingly) and gets stuck in a 'loop' - a reference to 'The Strangers'
- she hears a loud knock on the door, creeps up to the door and whispers; "who's there?!"
- another loud bang on the door, girl hesitantly goes to the window to look outside.
- she sees nothing and is rather confused.
- she turns away from the window at pace, and runs right into the 'killer'.
- the scene ends as the girl screams and a POV shot of the knife coming down

We have made several alterations to our original idea because we discovered several flaws in it. Firstly, since we originally mentioned that the girl was going to fall over from shock of seeing her soon to be killer, we realised for this to make full sense. We'd need the girl to hit her head hard on something so that she can become semi-unconsciousness, however this would be very tricky to film and make it seem realistic without hurting our actor. We decided to scrap this, which then meant we had to scrap the rest of the plot because it would not make sense.
A second problem we encountered, is if the killer was outside scaring her at the window, how would he be able to be inside to stab her? So for this problem, we decided that we would never have knowledge of the killer being outside or inside the house (hence the title 'Oblivlious'), this will add to the shock when the killer has been in the house for the whole time.
Our newly developed plot is above.

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