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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

Obviously we knew that as a group and as individuals we had seriously improved over the project. It is not, however, until I looked back at the preliminary task that I realised just how much we have improved. From the simple things such as making sure there is no background noise and making sure the camera is steady, to the more difficult aspects such as making sure the mise-en-scene is correct and exciting and that the range of camera shots and continuity is brilliant. In every possible aspect, our Final Product improves on our preliminary task.

The main areas that I feel have been improved between our preliminary task and our final product are:

  1. Camera work. Throughout our preliminary task the camera is shaking and wobbling. This makes it obvious that you are watching something and is quite distracting.
  2. Camera shots. Although this wasn't the aim of the preliminary task, the camera shots were very similar. The final product however has a wide variety of camera angles, and they are all deliberate unlike in the preliminary task!
  3. Continuity. Throughout the process from preliminary task to final product, there has been an obvious improvement at each stage in the standard of editing. Editing includes continuity and the use of realistic and effective special effects
  4. Using the camera still. The camera shaking is obvious throughout the Preliminary task. However, in the final product we had thought carefully about this and use still camera shots except for POV (Point of View) shots.
  5. Mise-en-scene. In the preliminary task, we used no mise-en-scene. Our knowledge about mise-en-scene and our ideas of how to adapt it and improve it. This is really clear in our final product.
  6. Focusing the camera on Key parts. In the preliminary task, we missed out on an action by not having the camera placed correctly. In the final products we learnt to focus on the important parts of our film.
  7. General Genre Understanding. Throughout the project general genre understanding has improved significantly. Through watching slashers, reading about them and teaching in classes, our whole knowledge on this subject has improved enormously.
  8. General Media skills. Analysing. Researching. Camera work and editing. The list could go on about how we have improved. Skills that are helpful for other subjects as well as improving our media skills for this project and the future.
  9. Sound. Sound is a big part of the Slasher genre and we have learnt this over the course. Music and sound effects are vital to the success of the film.We have learnt how to use sound tools on the computers and how to create a good soundtrack.
  10. Using Equipment and Computer Programs. During the project we have been forced to learn how to use the different programs on the computer's and to use the pieces of equipment such as the camera's, tripods and voice recorders. This has been hugely beneficial as it has made us learn rather than passing the responsibility to others.
These are just the main things that have improved dramatically over the course. There have also been other skills improve and the course has been brilliant for developing us as film makers. Below, in the annotated videos, are comments on the good and bad things, and general comments on each video.

Below is my Preliminary task (please ensure annotations are switched ON): 

Below is my Final Product (please ensure annotations are switched ON):

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