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Friday, 14 January 2011

WS - Company Idents

In our group, we tested out a number of names to use as company idents. These were generally combinations of our names, but none of them seemed very good or effective. We changed our approach after discussion and came up with a name for our Production Company as well as a name for our Distributions.

Production Name: Jagged Edge Productions
This idea came up during our discussion. We thought we could effectively portray this in an image that would be instantly recognizable, as well as it been quite a catchy name.

Distributions: Hawk Eye Distributions
This too seemed like a catchy name for us to use. We discussed it as an idea and decided that we thought we could simply, but very effectively make a design that could represent this. After a relatively short final discussion, we decided on this Distribution company name because we believed it to be the best name we had thought of.

Before publishing these as our Company Idents we checked on the internet to see whether they were all ready in use. We couldn't find anything to suggest that they were already in existence and therefore had our final Company idents.

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