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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

WS - Casting

Much of our inspiration came from other films. One of our biggest inspirations, is the film "Scream" (Wes Craven, 1996). The relevance of this is that our main character could be compared to the Scream Queen in the opening scene of Scream. The girl in our opening scene will be a blonde teen who has recently taken part in sexual activity and consuming alcohol. This character could be seen as similar to Drew Barrymore in the film "Scream". A typical blonde girl who has been very sinful and therefore deserves to die (sex and alcohol are the sins; deserves to die is a reference to how these sins are punished in the Slasher genre). This kind of portrayal of women is common in Slasher films, but the link can be made between our character, and our biggest inspiration for our film opening.

We require three characters for our film:

  1. A teenage blonde girl.  This character is going to be killed in the opening scene of our film. She will be a very stereotypical blonde, and at the beginning of the film will show signs of sexual activity and alcohol consumption. Inspiration for this charcter came from Drew Barrymore's character, "Casey" in Scream.                                                                              
  2. The Boyfriend.  This character will be with the girl at the beginning of the scene before leaving. They will be a typical, older, high school kind of character, who could be leading the girl away from the good and on to bad things such as sex, alcohol and drugs. He will leave the house before the killing happens.  He would be a potential suspect had the fim carried on.
  3. The Killer.  The killers identity will not be revealed (Narrative Enigma). We are thinking of having them hooded and masked or maybe using camera shots to keep their identity secret. No clues will be given as to who the killer may be, but the reasons should be quite clear through the alcohol consumption and inclinations that sexual activity has been taking place. We are, at the moment, unsure how exactly we will portray our killer. Two influences could be the Scream killer, or the killer from Halloween.
 We want our actors to be convincing in their roles and so will be finding other people to do the acting rather than using ourselves. The actors we use will probably be around our age, which will also help with our target audience (teens to 35 year olds - young adults). One problem with using young actors could be the believability, but we think if we choose the correct people to be in our film then this won't be a problem.

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