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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WS - Sound and Music

Sound is an integral part of our film, as it is with any Slasher film. One part in particular, when the stereo turns itself back on, the music is vital to our whole film opening. As well as this we will need music for the opening of the film and when the credits are rolling, also for the end and when the killer appears to build tension. Luckily for us, Jem Whitehead is in a band called 'The FeedBack '. He has said he is happy for us to use their music when Amelia and Carl are in the living room. As well as this, Jem has offered to write and produce the other music we require. This is really good for us because it allows us to use original music, designed and performed by our group. It also means that we can have the final say on what the music is like, create and perform it specifically for our film. This means we should have the perfect sound for our opening, rather than having to settle for music that may or may not accurately reflect our film and it's mood.

We are, at the moment, not entirely sure what other non-diegetic noise we may add. After filming we will watch our film through, and decide then whether it can be improved by adding in extra noise. One thing we do not want to do is totally overpower the diegetic noise with non-diegetic noise.

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