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Sunday, 28 November 2010

WS - Conventions of Rom-Coms - Emma (Douglas McGrath, 1996)

Budget: $6,000,000
Box Office: UK: £4,405,459
                    USA: $22,201,883
4 minutes 20 seconds opening scene
based on Jane Austen's book

  • non diagetic voice over
  • peaceful, fairytale, happy music
  • stereotypically british - posh voices
  • clothing connotes upper class, formal wedding dress. shows time period - rural 1800s britain
  • mise en scene - flower arrangements and buffet tables add verisimilitude for the wedding
  • credits last 2 minutes 40 seconds with no actual characters or dialogue introduced. credits show painted characters signifying the time period again because there would have been no cameras
  • globe anchors the setting - Highbury, England
  • slow, formal music, slow dance music
  • sans serif font
  • globe is a prop in the first scene with the characters linking the intro together, showing main characters art skills, signifying a job or hobby
  • close up of face shows main characters true emotions towards the wedding - typical rom - com says one thing but means the complete opposite
  • fades in and out but is one complete shot of the wedding
  • zooms
  • two shots and group shots to show that it is a happy occasion of people together
  • pan around the garden showing the mise en scene

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