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Monday, 17 January 2011

WS - My Pitch and Original Idea

Above is the pitch that I did to the group in an attempt to persuade people to carry out my idea. While I feel the timing of my pitch was right, I wasn't too rushed and I didn't finish too early, there were a couple of reasons why I wasn't as happy with it as I could have been. Throughout the Pitch, you sense nervousness, which I was feeling slightly, but not as much as it seems in the video. There is also the bit late on when I lost track of where I was and what I was saying, but generally, I thought the pitch went quite well.

Below is my original Idea.
  • Starts with an establishing shot of an isolated house.
  • Girly music can be heard. (Quiet to loud) Stereotypical Blonde Girl is putting make up on ready to go out.
  • Girl hears a noise, goes to investigate, camera focuses on open window.
  • Phone rings, unknown number. Answers…silence. Just before she hangs up the killer says something to suggest he can see her.
  • Girl doesn’t believe him but begins looking around the house and locking doors while still on the phone. Killer threatens her not to hang up.
  • Girl calls his bluff hangs up and returns to mirror.
  • Girl drops something on the floor, camera follows her down and back up. When she sits back in front of the mirror the killer has appeared behind her.
  • Film cuts to black with the knife coming down on a POV shot.

Inspiration for my original idea came from "Scream"(Wes Craven, 1996) and "When aStranger Calls"(Simon West, 2006). I wanted my idea to try and follow stereotypes (the blonde girl/Scream Queen), conventions of a slasher movie (brutal weapons, hidden identity of killer) and it also carries representation. Whilst thinking up my idea I was also considering the how easy it would be to access the setting, and how realistic filming was, for example I wanted to stay away from filming a lot of outside shots when it was dark as it would be hard to see. One bit of my idea that I was really happy with, and that we carried through into our final idea was the POV shot of the knife coming down on the female victim. Halfway through this shot the screen would cut to black, which i thought would be very effective.

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