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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

WS - Background reading on the internet

I wanted to read up on Slashers and the conventions of Slasher movies. Below is a link to a website i found that outlines the typical characters in a Slasher as well as a brief history of the Slasher genre.

I also found another website. On this second website there is two short paragraphs at the beginning which helped us to make up our mind about our killer and how we will portray them.

The slasher film (sometimes referred to as bodycount films and dead teenager movies) is a sub-genre of horror film typically involving a psychopathic killer (often wearing a mask) who stalks and graphically murders a series of victims in a random, unprovoked fashion, usually teenagers or young adults who are away from mainstream civilization or far away from help and often involved in sex and illegal-drug use.
The killer almost always uses unconventional weapons such as blades, chainsaws, cleavers, and blunt objects; very rarely, if ever, using guns. There is often a back story that explains how the killer developed their violent mental state, and why they focus primarily on a particular type of victim or a particular location.

The underlined text above is where we got some of our influences from for our film. We wanted our film to follow the basic guidelines for a Slasher.
Above is an opinionated overview of the Slasher genres history.

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