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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media product, as it is only the beginning to a film, is only representative of a couple of Social Groups. A longer piece of footage may have allowed us to include more social groups, but our task was just the film opening.

There is of course the binary opposition in our film opening with males and females. Each gender can be split into a large number of Social groups, but with only having one male and one female, we have only included two Social groups. Our male character, "Carl", is a typical high school jock. He is represented by dressing like an average teenager, but having quite a cocky and confident personality.
Our female character, "Amelia" is a Scream Queen. This is signified by the way she dresses, and her flirty body language when she answers the phone, and the fact that she is drinking alcohol. A Scream Queen is one of the main character types for a Slasher as well as a Final Girl, who would have been introduced if our product was longer.

The social Class that is represented in our film is middle class. We believed this was quite typical for a Slasher from the openings that we have viewed, for example "Scream (Craven, 1996)" and "Black Christmas (Morgan, 2006)". Middle Class is mainly signified in our film through the house; both the interior and exterior.

Our film does not represent homosexuality. Through watching Film openings, we did not pick up on any signs of same sex relationships and for this reason, and because we wanted to stick to a typical style Slasher film, we decided against including homosexual activity. If the film was to continue however, it may have been something that we could have considered as it would really separate our film from other slashers.

Disability is another area that we didn't see in the Slasher films that we have watched. We thought that this may be seen as quite unethical to have a killer pursuing somebody with a disability by the audience. For this reason, we decided against having people with disabilities in our film opening.

Although there are no ethnic minorities seen in our film opening, including characters from different cultures was something that we would have been interested in doing later in the film. Slasher film characters are predominantly white, although ethnic minorities are also seen (Phil and Maureen, Scream 2). 

On the left here, is Megan Claydon, the Scream Queen in our film, "Oblivious".

On the right is Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays "Cici" in "Scream 2 (Craven, 1997)".

Comparisons could be made between the two actresses and they play the same role in their respective films, The Scream Queen.

Please find below a vodcast about the Social Groups represented in our film:

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