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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

WS - The Setting For Our Film

Our film has just one setting: an isolated house. The whole opening scene revolves around this house, with a couple of shots of the outside but primarily inside. We will use different camera shots to give the impression that the house is in a secluded area meaning there will be nobody around to support or help our victim. We need a fairly modern house that will be quite clean and tidy in appearance. This will show the kind of background our victim has come from, even though she is indulging in sinful acts such as drinking alcohol and having sex.

The isolated look of this house is the sort of thing that we are aiming for. We need a house that is accessible to us and so it will probably have to be the house of one of our group members. We know however that we can change the angle, use editing a clever camera shots to make the house look secluded.

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