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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WS - Casting Update

We now have a confirmed cast ahead of filming tonight. We have had to change our main character, Amelia, in the last week due to availability. Jem, a member of our group, is going to be playing the killer. This should ensure that the person playing the killer is aware of a number of Slasher killers, and their typical behaviour. We think this will help make the production seem realistic, rather than having an actor who is unaware of the conventions. Our opening scene only requires three characters:

Amelia: Mary Newton
Carl (Amelia's boyfriend): James Crowther
The Killer: Jem Whitehead

Having Jem Whitehead as the killer does actually go against our original idea. Previously we had decided that we wouldn't be in our production as we didn't think our acting would be realistic enough. However, when we were struggling for a cast that were available on the same day, Jem volunteered himself to play the Killer. We discussed it as a group before deciding that it would be beneficial to us, and not just because it was convenient. Jem. like the rest of our group, has watched a number of Slasher films and openings, and understands the conventions of the genre. An outside actor may not understand this, and trying to get them to portray the Killer in the way we want may have been very hard. Therefore we have gone back on our original casting idea and have cast Jem as the Killer.

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