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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

WS - Lessons from Micro Drama

  1. Get organized before starting filming. Prepare a proper list of shots I want to carry out, a call sheet and produce a script for the characters.
  2. Do not follow a conversation with the camera, take multiple shots if you want to cut between the conversation.
  3. Film the same scene more than once from multiple angles so that when editing, you have a number of shots to choose from as well as been able to cut from shot to shot of the same scene.
  4. Use a narrative or prompts to set the scene for the audience if it is at all unclear.
  5. Sounds can be added after so you do not need to worry about sound effects at the time of shooting.
  6. Music can be added at editing. This can be used to set the scene, inform the audience of the mood or for scenes such as chase scenes.
  7. Do not unnecessarily zoom in and out on shots. Only do this if it is required and thought through. 
  8. Try to keep the camera steady if you have to move it (unless it is a handheld shot). Try and keep movements smooth (no jagged movements).
  9. Think through before hand about Props and locations. Make sure you have everything you need.
  10. Parts of shots can be cut out so keep the camera running as "good bits" of the shots can be used for an alternate angle.

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